Can you negotiate cosmetic surgery?

There is no insurance, but negotiation is possible Unfortunately, unless your plastic surgery is medically necessary, you will likely have to pay out of pocket. However, there is an advantage to this: plastic surgeons are not subject to insurers' fees, which means it's possible to negotiate the price, according to USA Today. It's useful to have a bargaining chip, experts tell The Post. Common negotiating points include scheduling flexibility, the ability to meet an invoice quickly, and, depending on your digital influence, the promise to promote the provider on social media.

Sometimes, an expression of need can also help. Use your 401 (k) to maximize retirement savings. Cosmetic surgery is an investment that most patients agree is worthwhile, there is no substitute for feeling confident and loving the way you look. Because cosmetic surgery is considered elective, even associated laboratory tests are not usually covered by insurance.

The financial aspect of cosmetic surgery is a common concern among plastic surgery patients in Washington, DC. Take special care of cosmetic surgeons who push healthcare credit cards to help fund expensive cosmetic procedures. There is no age at which an individual is too old for any cosmetic improvement, as long as they are healthy enough to undergo the rigors of surgery, anesthesia, and recovery from the procedure. Ask your surgeon or search their website for funding options for cosmetic surgery you have.

We hope you got some good ideas from the tips above, but the best way to learn the costs and benefits of cosmetic surgery is to talk to a reputable plastic surgeon, who can assess your needs and goals and give you accurate and honest information about your procedure options. In fact, a large portion of cosmetic surgery patients choose to fund their procedures simply because it is convenient and easy to perform and most practices will help you figure out the details. If you're interested in improving your appearance through cosmetic surgery, but haven't taken the plunge because you think it will cost too much, you might be surprised how affordable some procedures can be when you use these seven tips.