What to do if a plastic surgeon makes a mistake?

If you think your surgeon did something inappropriate, you should file a complaint with the state medical board. If there is evidence of gross negligence causing damage, the board may take action against the surgeon. Failed surgeries involve surgical or procedural errors on the part of the surgeon or medical staff. When such errors are the result of negligence, you can file a lawsuit against the plastic surgeon.

When your plastic surgery went wrong, document all changes and medical expenses. Bring documents that show that you and the surgeon had a professional relationship. To win your case, there must be proof that a mistake was made. If the medical error is something very serious, an internal investigation will usually be carried out.

Usually, the hospital will want to make sure there is a good reason for the error and that the surgeon is trained accordingly. They could continue to punish the surgeon by suspending him from work or taking the investigation further. Surgeries are complicated medical procedures and it is not always easy to determine if a poor outcome is due to surgical negligence or other causes. A careful investigation is required and one or more expert witnesses will be needed.

Therefore, it is important to find an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to help you collect data, investigate your case, and consult with the right experts to determine if the surgeon made a mistake. If so, like all professionals, our society demands that the surgeon be held accountable for any malpractice. If you are considering having a second (or third or fourth) surgery to correct the problem, consider a surgeon with extensive training and experience in reconstructive surgery. One of the first things that usually happens when you make a mistake in surgery is that another surgeon will fix it.

Reconstructive or medically necessary plastic surgery includes skin grafts for burns, craniofacial surgery, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy. A Nebraska cosmetic surgeon told patients he was board certified in cosmetic and plastic surgeries, but he lied. However, if a cosmetic plastic surgery doctor acts negligently in the operating room, it could cause serious harm. You may need to seek a second opinion at one of the larger medical centers to find a plastic surgeon who specializes in a specific type of plastic surgery.

A failed plastic surgery is considered malpractice when injuries or adverse conditions occur due to negligence on the part of the surgeon. He is president of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and treats patients with skin cancer as part of his practice. If you have recently undergone plastic surgery and, as a result, were injured or suffered adverse conditions, you may have a medical malpractice lawsuit. Any surgeon without this type of coverage should make sure they get it quickly from a respected company.

While difficulties arise in a medical malpractice case related to plastic surgery, it is not impossible to win if some level of negligence can be demonstrated with certainty on the part of the plastic surgeon, staff, or facility. Show Botched, a lot of attention is drawn to the ways in which plastic surgery can go horribly wrong. If you are a surgeon, you must ensure that you protect yourself both legally and financially. If talking to the surgeon has not been helpful and you still think there is a problem, get a second opinion.